"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself"
John Dewey

Little Wonders is a KHDA Approved EYFS curriculum nursery that encourages kids to learn through fun, creative, interactive, and playful methods. Children get plenty of opportunities to learn in an engaging environment. Our facility is set in a convenient location, which is only one of the reasons we are every parents’ first choice for kids’ nursery in Dubai.

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Aims & Objectives

  • A Secure, safe, hygienic early childhood care
  • EYFS curriculum-based learning practices
  • Create sustainable partnerships with parents in the community
  • Build awareness of values of respect, empathy, and resilience in an age-appropriate manner amongst children
  • To enhance the learning experience of children and provide them maximum exposure to life
  • To support the social, emotional, physical, and learning needs of the children
  • To enhance the hidden talents and capabilities of each child and understand the uniqueness of each child
  • To prepare children for the future challenges
  • To ensure safe and secure learning environment
  • To promote inclusive education in the community and minimize the stigmatization