• We help the infants to Use their bodies as the primary avenue to explore the world.
  • We help the infants to Learn to participate in and control simple social interactions with caregivers.
  • We help the infants to Learn to recognize, explore, and control objects, sights, sounds, textures, and tastes.
  • We help the infants to Explore, master, and learn to use their body parts.
  • We help the infants to Learn how to get desired reactions from people and objects.


Examples of appropriate activities that we offer for infants: toys mobiles, rattles, toys with wheels, stacking and nesting toys, unbreakable mirrors, washable stuffed animals and dolls, cloth, and heavy cardboard books. We also offer:

  • Sensory exploration with sand includes funnels, tubes, sifts, bottles, scoopers, spoons, bottle tops and SAND! The perfect sensory play recipe for kids with endless fun and exploration.


There are hours of fun and learning to be had with sand as it promotes and encourages imaginative play! Add different props such as animal figurines or water to change or evolve the learning experience at Little Wonders.

  • Messy play or sensory play is the term for any activities allowing children to work with their hands to create a controlled mess. Often involving traditionally messy ingredients such as paint, sand, slime, water, clay, or mud, it is geared toward exploring feelings and imagination.
  • Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills


Fine motor skills are the ability to make movements using the small muscles in our hands and wrists.
They involve a coordinated effort between the brain and muscles. They’re built on the gross motor skills that let us make bigger movements, like running or jumping.

Gross motor skills are abilities that let us do tasks that involve large muscles in our torso, legs, and arms. They involve whole-body movements. We use gross motor skills for all sorts of physical activities, from running to raking leaves. They involve the coordination of the muscles and the neurological system.

We at Little Wonders provide opportunity for the kids to enhance these motor skills in your child through various activities:

  • Head position practice.
  • Tummy time.
  • Rattle tug.
  • Sitting your baby up.
  • Sticky notes on the wall.
  • Free movement.

Hand Holding and Walking practice

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